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Druids win the Challenge Cup

Written by The North East Welsh FA, July 01, 2019

The concluding game of the NEWFA weekend was the Challenge cup played between Gresford Athletic of the Cymru Alliance and Cefn Druids of the Welsh Premier League.  The game began at a frenetic pace and it was Gresford who were the more dominant force in the opening exchanges.  They were rewarded by taking the lead in the opening 10 minutes.  Gresford could have extended their lead, but as the first half developed it was the Druids who were working their way back into the game and equalised by bundling the ball in from close range following a corner.  Coincidentally the Druids came back into the game following a substitution where injured Jack Kenny left the field to be replaced by the eventual man of the match Arek Piskorski.  His inclusion allowed the Druids to access different pockets of space and attack from deeper and wider at times.  The extra pace also proved problematic for the Gresford defence.

Both teams were flying in with challenges and there were a few cautions in the game, but towards the end of the first half the Druids took the lead.  Gresford seemed a little deflated after their opening efforts and there was a sense of relief for the WPL outfit.  Half time arrived and it was clear that the next goal in the game would be crucial, and so the second half began;

Again there was a frenetic pace but after just two minutes of the second half the Druids extended their lead.  This really did take the wind out of the sails of the Gresford side who had worked tirelessly throughout the game.  As the game moved on it was clear that the Cymru Alliance side were becoming more fatigued and Druids grabbed another goal late on. This was a good competitive cup final, where initially a potential shock was on the cards.  Equally I'm sure all who were present would agree that the final scoreline was not a reflection on the game.  NEWFA congratulates both teams on reaching the final and particularly Druids who have claimed the trophy once again. 

Druids win the Challenge Cup


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